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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

International conference: Sexuality education in Europe

Monday, May 15, 2017 to Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Berlin, Germany

On 15-16 May 2017, the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA), a WHO Collaborating Centre for Sexual and Reproductive Health, will hold an international technical conference on sexuality education in the WHO European Region in Berlin, Germany.

Sexuality education is an integral part of health promotion and a crucial element to support the healthy development of children and young people. BZgA will welcome experts in the field of sexual and reproductive health and sexuality education throughout the WHO European Region (including Eastern Europe and Central Asia) for a technical exchange on:

  • the current state of sexuality education in the WHO European region,
  • trends and challenges related to the implementation and improvement of sexuality education as well as future strategies and approaches on how to address them.

More information is available at: www.bzga-whocc.de/en/international-conference-2017


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