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  1. Adolescence education

    Un ensemble pédagogique sur l'éducation des adolescents devant servir de guide de ressource d'abord aux enseignants et ensuite aux formateurs et aux personnes impliquées dans l'enseignement, la formation et la vulgarisation des concepts de l'éducation à la vie familiale pour les adolescents.

  2. Socio cultural and economic context of HIV/AIDS

    Socio cultural and economic context of HIV/AIDS

  3. HIV and AIDS Preventive Education: A Training Programme for Teacher Educators in Sub-Saharan Africa

    This is a training manual designed for teacher educators in Sub-Saharan Africa. The training manual is a response to the challenge of controlling the spread of HIV and AIDS Sub-Saharan Africa. It contains the basic facts and information needed in the acquisition of knowledge and the development of attitudes, values, skills and practices related to the prevention and control of the HIV and AIDS pandemic. The manual is presented in 8 modules which aim to provide teacher educators with an experience of engaging in a participatory teaching HIV and AIDS Prevention Education. …

  4. Six developmentally Appropriate, Participatory Skills-Building Activities that Teachers Can use with pupils and Young People

    In this manual there are six classroom activities, which use participatory, interactive teaching methods. These tools are designed to strengthen teaching and advocacy skills of teachers and other leaders especially in the school setting who feel committed to the prevention of HIV/AIDS in schools and related institutions. The manual can also support and increase union's efforts to apply their capacities and experiences to strengthen HIV related curricula and training programmes for teachers and other members of the community.

  5. Life Skills Education : primary School Teaching - Malawi

    This a Malawi primary school teaching syllabus on Life Skills Education and it attempts to equip learners with the decision-making and problem solving skills, effective communication, stress and anxiety management, conflict resolution, morals and values, interpersonal relationship, planning and entrepreneurship, self-esteem and assertiveness and good health habbits. The syllabus was developed with the assistance of JSI-STAFH Project, Department of Youth, National AIDS Control Programme and NFPC

  6. Life Skills for Young Ugandans - Facilitators Handbook to accompany the Primary and Secondary School Training Manual

    This handbook was developed to accompany the Life Skills Training Manuals used in Uganda. The main aims of the book are to offer facilitators guidelines that may be used in training workshops throughout Uganda, offer a four day training workshop programme that may be used by facilitators to introduce Life Skills concepts and activities as contained in the training manuals and enable facilitators to run their own training workshops. The hand book contains background information on facilitating training workshops. …

  7. AIDS: A hand for Teachers in Swaziland

    This is a handbook developed for teachers in Swaziland and it covers sexuality Education, HIV/AIDS Education and teaching and pre-school, lower primary, upper primary, junior secondary and senior secondary education leves. It also discuss sexuality of babies and children and the various topics and parameters of HIV/AIDS and prevention.The handbook also presents and discuss the cultural, social and economic implications of AIDS in swaziland and its basic facts.

  8. Primary School Action for Better Health

    This manual offers a set if teaching support materials developed by the Centre for British Teachers that uses existing subjects within the Kenyan primary school curricula to infuse HIV/AIDS messages.

  9. Education for the Prevention of AIDS

    The division of Education produced this manual for the Quality of Life - Programme of Education for the Prevention of AIDS. This selection of extracts from Teachers guides is intended to give teachers an idea of the variety of possible approaches to school information and Education for AIDS prevention, according to the social-cultural context.

  10. Talking about AIDS in Schools: An AIDS Workshop Design for School Principals, Administrators and Teachers

    This is a document which gives guidance to a facilitator on AIDS prevention education. It gives guidance on how to design and conduct an advocacy workshop so as to initiate a process by which preventive education on AIDS/STD for adolescents will have acceptance and the full support from school principals, administrators, teachers and parents of secondary school students. The four modules covered are: Talking about HIV/AIDS, Targeting adolescent boys and girls, Understanding adolescence and Module 4 is on Developing Methodologies.


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Providing a comprehensive knowledge base and information exchange service to support the development of effective HIV and AIDS, school health and sexuality education policies, programmes and advocacy within the education sector.