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Teacher management in an HIV and AIDS context

Teacher management policies, tools and practices need to be reviewed and adapted to take into account the impact of HIV and AIDS on teachers. HIV related teacher management issues, such as workplace policies, access to treatment, retention, early retirement, redeployment of teachers needing care, training, and replacement of missing or absent teachers, need to be addressed.

UNESCO in Dili, Timor-Leste, Celebrates World AIDS Day 2010

To mark the World AIDS Day (WAD),UNESCO in Timor-Leste provided awards to students from senior high schools for designing outstanding posters on the theme of WAD, Universal Access & Human Rights. The event was organized by Timor-Leste’s National Commission for UNESCO in collaboration with the UNESCO Antenna Office in Dili, and support from the UNESCO Office, Jakarta.

World AIDS Day 2010 in Indonesia – Hosted by Ministry of National Education

In a groundbreaking national event, covered by national mass media (TV and Newspaper), the 2010 World AIDS Day on 1st of December was hosted by the Ministry of National Education (under direction of DG for Non-Formal and Informal Education) in collaboration with UNESCO, National Commission for UNESCO, National AIDS Commission, UN Partners, local and international NGO’s and numerous other stakeholders.

UNESCO Commemorates World AIDS Day (WAD) 2010 in Manila

In an effort to increase awareness and involvement of the Filipino youth in the response to HIV and AIDS, the UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines and UNESCO Office Jakarta in partnership with the University of the East (UE) marked the 2010 World AIDS Day (WAD) in Manila, Philippines, with an Online Video Competition for young people entitled "I am the Next Generation Anti-Virus: Responding to HIV and AIDS through Responsible Choices."

UNESCO’s Healthy Sexuality On-Line

UNESCO Bangkok has recently launched a comprehensive website on Healthy Sexuality (www.museumofsexuality.com) to encourage young people to make healthy smart choices.

UNESCO Game: Fast Car -- Travelling Safely around the World

Fast Car: Travelling Safely around the World is a racing game that helps the game players to learn about HIV and AIDS prevention and takes them on a tour of some of the World's Heritage sites.

A Cultural Approach to HIV and AIDS Prevention and care: New E-Learning tool

This eLearning is intended for development practitioners working in response to HIV and AIDS. It is ideally suited for program officers in the field, working directly with communities. It is also intended for practitioners working in centralised offices to help them understand what culturally appropriate approaches are and how they might assist their organisations to respond better in this manner.

HIV and AIDS: a social justice perspective by Michael Kelly

The AIDS pandemic at one point seemed to be curbed. Effective treatments were developed to keep HIV under control, extend life and improve the quality of life. Prevention approaches have met some success as countless organisations have rallied to extend care and support to those who are infected and affected by the epidemic. But even with all these efforts, the epidemic continues to outpace the global response. Many are still getting infected, many falling sick and many dying. Why?

Peer Educators Equipped with a MSM Reference Manual in Mongolian language

On 25-26 September 2010, with the financial support of UNESCO, the Youth for Health NGO of Mongolia has conducted a 2-day skills-building workshop, involving a total of 20 peer educators and outreach workers who are working with communities of men who have sex with men (MSM) in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

"Healthy Sexuality: The Story of Love" produced by UNESCO Bangkok now in Youtube

A promotional video is now available about UNESCO’s project on sexual education for adolescents and the new exhibition at Thailand's National Science Museum, titled "Healthy Sexuality: The Story of Love". This is a multi-faceted, interactive and entertaining exhibition presenting the 'naked truth' about love, relationships, communication, pregnancy and childbirth, contraception and safe sex, HIV and other STIs and sexual violence.


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Providing a comprehensive knowledge base and information exchange service to support the development of effective HIV and AIDS, school health and sexuality education policies, programmes and advocacy within the education sector.