PNAC, 2010. 98 p.
Philippine National AIDS Council, PNAC
The Philippines has maintained a low prevalence rate in HIV and AIDS. With the current spike in the number of reported cases, however, the country may not be able to keep it at the present level. There is growing evidence that the next Country Response to HIV and AIDS must catch up with, if not overtake, the spread of the epidemic at its present rate. The 5th AIDS Medium Term Plan (5th AMTP) envisions the halt to the present rate of HIV infection in the Philippines by preventing the further spread of HIV infection and reducing the impact of the disease on individuals, families, communities, and various sectors. It aims to broaden its reach among the general population, especially those most-at-risk and are found to be the present drivers of the epidemic such as Men having Sex with Men (MSM) and People Who Inject Drugs (PWID). This shall be done principally through an improvement in the standard quality and a scaling up in the coverage of comprehensive programs/services and interventions for prevention among the most-at-risk population, as well as in treatment, care, and support. It shall seek to develop the capacities of service providers, communities, and organizations in undertaking advocacy and work for the creation of an enabling evidenced-based policy environment, specifically pertaining to infection control, harm reduction, and access to prevention services and commodities. It shall likewise enhance and promote a decentralized structure of implementation for the Country Response through local government units (LGUs) and other local structures and processes such as the Local AIDS Councils (LACs) and the Regional AIDS Action Teams (RAATs). It shall further expand, build, and strengthen management systems and supports specifically in the areas of monitoring and evaluation, existing structures such as the PNAC and the Secretariat, partnerships and collaboration among and with the private sector and LGUs, and resource mobilization and investment planning.
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