Oslo: Norwegian Ministries, 2009. 54 p.
Norway. Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion
Norway. Ministry of Children and Equality
Norway. Ministry of Health and Care Services
Norway. Ministry of Justice and the Police
Norway. Ministry of Education and Research
Norway. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The comprehensive aim of this strategy is that at the end of the strategy period, Norway will be a society that accepts and copes with HIV in a way that both limits new infection and gives persons living with HIV good conditions for social inclusion in all phases of their lives. Specific objectives: 1) Increase the knowledge about and awareness of HIV and AIDS in the population. 2) Reduce stigmatisation and discrimination associated with HIV. 3) Reduce new infection - especially among at-risk groups. 4) Reduce hidden sources of error - early detection of HIV infection; testing, surveys, diagnostics and appropriate counselling. 5) Remove barriers to access to medical treatment and a comprehensive treatment programmes based on good teamwork among the health service actors involved. 6) Ensure the participation of HIV positive persons in the labour force. 7) Further promote international cooperation and efforts, and follow up international obligations in the efforts to combat HIV and AIDS. 8) Help improve research on the prevention and treatment of HIV and monitoring and evaluation of prevalence, risk factors and effects of measures.
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