Dakar: UNESCO, 1999. 268 p.
Mariro, Augustin
UNESCO Regional Office for Education in Africa (Senegal), BREDA
UNESCO's General Conference at its 28th session (Paris 1995), budgeted a project on 'Technical, scientific and vocational training for young girls in Africa'. Pursuant to this decision, the Regional Office for Education in Africa in Dakar (BREDA), in cooperation with headquarters started with a preparatory phase to implement the project aimed at identifying what determines girls being guided into scientific and technical streams. During 1996-1997, surveys were conducted in twenty English and French countries in Africa. Results of the surveys show similarities concerning low access of girls to industrial, mechanical, building, electricity etc. careers as well as stereotypes and bias which underlie this low access. The objective of this publication is to sensitize public opinion and encourage exchange of experiences and informations between researchers and educators.
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