Geneva: UNAIDS, 1999. 25 p., figs
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Agir vite pour prévenir le SIDA. Le cas du Sénégal
Pisani, Elisabeth
UNAIDS Best Practice Collection.
This paper describes the experience of Senegal, a country that has worked hard to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, has maintained one of the lowest rates of HIV infection in sub-Saharan Africa. It discusses Senegal's social organization, health sector, marriage patterns and prostitution situation before HIV/AIDS began its rapid spread across much of Africa. It looks at how the country's political, religious and community authorities responded to the threat of the disease, and examines whether that reaction had any effect on people's behaviour and, ultimately, on rates of HIV infection in the country. Included in the document's contents is: an introduction; sources of information; before AIDS: society and sex in Senegal; Senegal's response to the advent of AIDS; has the response made a difference?; was Senegal's response to HIV really necessary? and a conclusion.
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