Paderborn: 2007. 92 p.
Germany. Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
Germany. Federal Ministry for Health
Germany. Federal Ministry of Education and Research
This action plan embodies the principles of the policy of the Federal Government in connection with the fight against HIV/AIDS. It is additionally intended to serve as a basis for cooperation with other players in the field of HIV/AIDS control, and to inform the interested public. The action plan specifies targets and indicates the elements to be implemented to achieve the targets. The time frame for implementation extends up to 2010. The Federal Government continues to primarily focus - both globally and nationally - on the combined effect of prevention measures, universal access to HIV testing and treatment, respect for the human rights of people living with HIV and AIDS, and coordination and cooperation, particularly with non-governmental organizations. Research into medicines, vaccines and new prevention approaches - e.g. microbicides - plays an important role if HIV/AIDS is to be conquered in the long term, as does the monitoring of developments, continuous evaluation of what has been achieved, and the resultant improvement of quality.
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