USAID. Asia/Near East Bureau, 2003. 31 p.
Beamish, Julia
Abderrazik, Lina Tazi
Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health in Morocco. Status, Issues, Policies, and Programs is a report written by J. Beamish and L.T. Abderrazik for the POLICY Project, on behalf of the Asia/Near East Bureau of USAID. It aims to highlight the reproductive health status of adolescents in Morocco, within the context of the adolescent boys and girls. The report begins with the social context and gender socialization that girls and boys on separate lifetime paths in term of life expectations, educational attainment, job prospects, labor force participation, reproduction, and duties in the household. The report also outlines laws and policies that to adolescent reproductive health information and services to adolescents. The report identifies operational barriers to adolescent reproductive health and ends with recommendations for action to improvement in Morocco.
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