Amsterdam: GALE, 2012. 21 p.
Dankmeijer, Peter
Global Alliance for LGBT Education, GALE
This guide is a follow-up of the UNESCO consultation on homophobic bullying in educational institutions during 2011-2012. On 16 May 2012, a UNESCO report on homophobic bullying in educational institutions was published. GALE, which is a formal cooperating partner of UNESCO, assisted the consultation process by pointing the way to research, good practices and NGO partners, and by providing input in the publication. The UNESCO report contains an analysis and general suggestions. This advocacy guide, and the planned guide for government officials, provide support to engage in an even more focused strategic planning. We hope this guide will help you to analyze to what extent the Right to Education and the goals of Education For All are implemented in your country, and furthermore, to advocate more effectively to improve the situation.
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