Afghanistan. Ministry of Public Health, 2008. 45 p.
Afghanistan. Ministry of Public Health
Final version 07/06/08
This is a broad strategic framework designed to guide Afghanistan's response to HIV/AIDS. It will serve as a guide for a wide range of stakeholder involvement in the response to HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment in the country. It will assist stakeholders to develop their own strategic plans so that all initiatives in the country can be harmonized to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. It is based on analysis of the limited available data, and takes into account the resource constraints of the country in both human and financial terms. It establishes fundamental principles and identifies clear priority areas where increased attention is likely to have the greatest impact on HIV/AIDS in Afghanistan. Finally, it recognises that HIV/AIDS is a development issue, and requires a broad multisectoral response that addresses the complex web of underlying causal factors as well as its equally complex consequences. The objectives of the strategic framework are toástrengthen strategic information to guide policy formation, programme planning and implementation; to gain political commitment and mobilise resources necessary to implement the national HIV/AIDS/STI strategy; to ensure development and coordination of a multi-sectoral HIV/AIDS response and develop institutional capacity of all the sectors involved; to raise public awareness on HIV/AIDS and STI prevention and control, ensure universal access to behaviour change communication on HIV, especially targeting vulnerable and at risk groups; to ensure access to prevention, treatment and care services for high-risk and vulnerable populations; to strengthen the health sector capacity to implement an essential package of HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care services.
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