2005. 224 p.
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SIDA em África: três cenários até 2025
This project uses stories rather than projections to explore the future of AIDS in Africa over the next 20 years. Statistics may give a succinct and tragic snapshot of recent events, but they say little of the AIDS epidemic's wider context, or its complex interconnections with other major issues, such as economic development, human security, peace, and violence. Statistics can only hint at the future. Indeed, by 2025, no one under the age of 50 in Africa will be able to remember a world without AIDS.The book is rich and detailed-reflecting the complexity of its subject matter. There is a summary of the book, in the 'Executive summary', and the 'Scenario analysis' section provides a survey of the issues covered in the three different scenarios.These scenarios represent a crucial step in making sense of the future of the AIDS epidemic in Africa. It is the hope of the project initiators, participants, sponsors, and core team that this material will provide an essential starting point, not only for exploring and expanding people's understanding of the epidemic, but also for sharing that understanding with others.
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