Cape Town: AIDS Legal Network, 2012.
Kehler, Joanna
AIDS Legal Network
One of the recognised challenges of the national AIDS response has been the lack of adequate programmes and interventions aimed at protecting and advancing women’s sexual and reproductive rights and health needs in the context of HIV. The new National Strategic Plan on HIV, STIs and TB, 2012 – 2016 (NSP) was launched on 01 December 2011, making it thus crucial to review the new policy document designed to strategically guide the national response to HIV for the next five years. It is within this context that this review examines the new NSP from a lens of women’s sexual and reproductive rights, and raises the question as to whether or not the national response to women and HIV is indeed positioned to effectively address women’s realities, risks and needs based on and in the context of HIV. Written and designed with civil society stakeholders in mind, the aim of this review is to provide an ‘advocacy tool’, a ‘resource’, and ‘food for thought’ on some of the pertinent aspects for effective rights-based responses to women and HIV. The publication includes an overview of the new NSP’s goals, objectives and analytical framework (Part One); and a synopsis on women and HIV, with a particular focus on women’s sexual and reproductive rights and health needs (Part Two). Part Three provides a critical analysis of selected objectives and interventions most relevant in the response to women’s sexual and reproductive rights and HIV.
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