2015. 7 p.
Pandey, Ashok
Umashankar, S.
Dai, Hai I.
Pandit, Chetraj
Kunwar, Min
Pandey, Madhu
Rai, Natisara
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International STD Research and Reviews, 3 (1)
Introduction: Adolescent refers to individuals between the ages of 10-19 years. In Nepal, Adolescent comprises more than 22% of population. Educations are important as a ‘social vaccine’, and it can serve as a powerful preventive tool. Methods: The study was conducted on three secondary school of in Hansapur Village Development Committees, Arghakhanchi district. The sampling design used for the study was stratified random sampling. A sample size of 300 adolescent students was taken. Conclusion: Video and the participatory lecture are the most effective health education techniques for effective delivery of HIV/AIDS. It is suggested that programme implementers might chose the suitable methods required for their individual programmes.
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