Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT, Teachers and Educational Workers' Union (TEWU) of Ghana Trade Union Congress, 2007. 37 p.
Yaw Baah, Anthony
Jarl, Luise
Nyarko Otoo, Kwabena
This study was undertaken by the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) and the Teachers and educational Workers Union (TEWU) of the Ghana Trades Union Congress to assess the degree of awareness of HIV/AIDS among their members (i.e., teachers and educational workers) and the needs of those already infected by the virus. The aim was to gather information to serve as basis for the provision or negotiation of social protection for their members living with HIV.The findings of the study are presented under two main themes: (i). HIV/AIDS awareness among teachers and educational workers and (ii) the needs of teachers and educational workers living with the virus.
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