Maseru: Government of Lesotho, 2008. 83 p.
Medical Care Development International
Academy for Educational Development, AED
This document covers key behaviour change issues as they relate to Lesotho's HIV and AIDS epidemic, and the goal of this strategy is to help change behaviours over the next five years (2008-2013). This document was developed through a consultative process that began in October 2007 with a stakeholders' meeting held in Maseru. Thereafter, a comprehensive desk review was conducted along with a series of in-depth interviews with key stakeholders to generate the situation and audience analyses. The overall goals of the National BCC Strategy are as follows: Reduce the spread of HIV in Lesotho; Provide equitable care and support for those infected by HIV; Mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS such that it is no longer of public health, social and economic concern; Ensure that all Basotho will be able to achieve socially and economically productive lives free of the infection and its effects. The strategy focuses on the following outcomes: Create an enabling environment for behavioural change by increasing leadership and gender equality and by reducing stigma associated with people living with HIV/AIDS; Increased adoption of safer sexual behaviour and reduction in high risk behaviour; Increased use of HIV prevention services (HTC, PMTCT, PEP and post test support); Enhanced national, district and organizational frameworks to address behaviour change.
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