2009. 58 p.
Uganda AIDS Commission
The five year National HIV & AIDS Strategic Plan (NSP)-(2007/08 - 2011/12) sets priorities for three thematic service areas: Prevention; Care and Treatment; and Social Support. Coordination of partners' contributions to the national response to HIV&AIDS epidemic is through 12 Self Coordinating Entities (SCEs) of which the International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGO) is part. The goal for the INGO-SCE is to facilitate a well co-coordinated response to HIV&AIDS and improve national capacity to address the pandemic effectively in and outside Uganda. In seeking to achieve the above, the INGO-SCE documented evidence based best practices in HIV&AIDS intervention in the three thematic areas. It is hoped that this document when disseminated will provide information to stakeholders, scale up advocacy, and contribute towards universal access to HIV&AIDS services. These practices have been compiled from 14 INGO's in Uganda. The main aim was to update, re-package, disseminate, and share best practices and lessons learnt on strategic HIV&AIDS information in order to leverage knowledge, mainstream and scale up quality of response to HIV&AIDS by NGOs and their partners.
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