London: Save the Children, 2004. 33 p.
Webb, Douglas
d'Allesandro, Christina
Save The Children
Permission to reproduce the work has been granted by Save the Children to IBE.
This report is designed for policy makers and program managers and is essentially an informative advocacy document. It draws together two agenda--expanding support for the millions of people needing access to treatment for HIV/AIDS and meeting the care and protection needs of millions of children affected by HIV/AIDS. It defines the opportunities that increased access to care and treatment will present, and recommends that community-based, nongovernmental, and governmental organizations take pre-emptive action in supporting children who do become orphaned. It begins with an executive summary, discusses the opportunities antiretroviral treatments present, highlights the special needs of children, and ends with recommendations. The recommendations focus on increasing specific funding for HIV/AIDS, reducing barriers to healthcare access (fees, poor infrastructure, etc.), and focusing on vulnerable populations.
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