New Dehli: Talking about Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues, TARSHI, 2005. 32 p.
Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues, TARSHI
The document is also available in Hindi.
This booklet was prepared for young people aged 15-19. Young people have many misconceptions and questions about sexuality issues. Their queries are often based on fragmented information. Accurate information is essential to promote a healthy sexuality. These booklets explain issues such as puberty, what happens to boys' and girls' bodies, sex and sexuality, how babies are made, infections and abuse. They also provide answers to such questions as: What is happening to my body? What is this sex stuff really all about? When is the right time to start? What is safer sex? Am I attractive? How will I know whether or not my relationship is good for me? Am I normal? This publication is useful for young people in both formal and informal educational settings. The purpose of the document is to provide young people with accurate information about different aspects of sexuality and relationships. The booklet addresses the following: description of boys' and girls' puberty; learning about gender and sex; different feelings that may occur during adolescence; suggestions for parents or educators regarding questions about sexuality.
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