Pan American Health Organization, 2010. 68 p.
Pan American Health Organization, PAHO
Regional Consultation on Health Promotion and the Provision of, Panama City, Panama, July 14-16, 2009
The tools discussed were intended to be designed for, and implemented primarily in health care settings. However, caution was urged during the consultation meeting that those activities should not be disconnected from other strategies, social services, and outreach programs, but rather an integral part of them; and the Regional Consultation focused mainly on gay and other MSM as the points of reference for MSM communities. Participants agreed that further consultations should focus on other populations whose needs were not adequately addressed at the meeting, such as the more particular health care needs of transgender individuals and communities. These other consultation meetings would need to include a broader representation of stakeholders from these communities (e.g., transgender communities) to ascertain appropriateness and relevance of recommendations, and to develop more specific tools and instruments for these communities.
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