Brighton: International HIV/AIDS Alliance, 2003.
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Bâtissons l’espoir: Notes thématiques pour l'Afrique
International HIV/AIDS Alliance
By 2010, more than 25 million children are expected to have lost one or both parents to AIDS. Families and communities need support to help care for the rapidly growing numbers of orphans and vulnerable children. The Building Blocks briefing notes provide issues and principles for guiding strategy, while drawing on best practice from programme experience. They were developed through a participative process involving more than 80 people across Africa, who have commented and provided case studies, guided by an international advisory board. Each one is made up of an introduction, an ‘issues’ section outlining the impact of HIV/AIDS on children, a ‘principles’ section providing guidelines for NGOs/CBOs, and ‘strategies’, suggesting activities to strengthen support for orphans and vulnerable children. The briefing notes which form part of the package are: Overview; Education; Young children and HIV; Older carers; Economic Strengthening; Health and nutrition; Psychosocial support.
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