Bangkok: UNDP, 2007. 108 p.
The purpose of this publication is to share some of Thailand’s experiences and lessons learned in its response to HIV with other developing countries and development partners within the region and beyond. Thailand is one of the very first countries to have achieved the Sixth Millennium Development Goal target to reverse the spread of HIV by 2015 well in advance of the target date. One of the success factors for Thailand in the fight against the HIV epidemic has been the active involvement of and support for community groups, HIV activists, people living with HIV and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).These groups have pioneered community-based efforts at the local level, and have often initiated activities to further support the public sector’s services and/or to fill any gaps in required services. While this publication focuses on efforts in six northern provinces in Thailand, there are various projects and activities on HIV that have been initiated by community groups in all parts of Thailand, with financial support from different sources, including government, international donors/NGOs, and their own mobilized community resources.
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