Phnom Penh: UNDP Office Phnom Penh, 2002. 112 p.
Cambodia. Ministry of Planning
UNDP Office Phnom Penh
This year's Progress Report on the Societal Aspects of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Cambodia sets a framework that outlines the fact that HIV/AIDS deepens the poverty of households and nation, while poverty favours the spread of the disease by increasing the vulnerability of individuals to infection. In acknowledging the complex links between the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Poverty and Human Development, the initial research work provides critical analysis to the effect that the HIV/AIDS epidemic is a development issue, striking as it does at the social welfare of the population of an already fragile Cambodian society. One of the key message of the Report is the importance of building on achievements to-date and the adoption of a broad people-centred approach, by giving voice to the people living with HIV/AIDS, ensuring respect for the rights of people with HIV/AIDS through improved knowledge on the disease, and addressing social inequity in order to ensure effective participation and mobilization of all social groups.
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