Florence: UNICEF, 2006. 60 p.
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Protégeons les enfants touchés par le VIH et le SIDA
Protegiendo a la infancia afectada por el VIH y el SIDA
Prendersi cura dei bambini colpiti da HIV ed AIDS
UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre
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Innocenti Insight
This Insight is intended to advance the discussion on the impact of HIV and AIDS on children in three key ways: by drawing attention to the situation of children orphaned by AIDS and the limitations of current responses for the realization of their rights; by reviewing the options for the care of these children, highlighting effective experiences and lessons learned from family and local approaches; and by identifying ways in which local, national and international actors can effectively fulfil their responsibilities to safeguard the human rights of children, with particular focus on children orphaned by AIDS.
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