Naukuchiatal: Spectra Visual World, 2001. 20 p.
Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues, TARSHI
Common Ground, Sexuality, Naukuchiatal, India, 26-28 May, 1999
This booklet is the result of a three-day meeting in Naukuchiatal, India, held in May 1999. It is based on the discussions that took place during the consultative and collaborative process, initiated by a group of agencies working on sexuality and related issues.
This document explores the values and principles that guide programmes, services and education on sexuality. It can be used for services, outreach, education and advocacy efforts. This guide was developed by, and essentially for, activists, educators, researchers and professionals from a wide range of fields, including reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, mental health, gender and development, sexuality, legal issues, violence prevention, women's rights, medicine, media and donor agencies. The purpose of this document is to articulate a common ground on sexuality and sexual health by integrating multiple perspectives from different fields. It is intended as a tool to inform programme development, implementation and evaluation.The document focuses on the understanding of sexualities in expanded perspectives in order to address a broad range of people's emotional and physical needs for a state of well-being, including sexual health, sexual rights, sexuality education and values. Guiding principles and suggested readings are also provided.
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