Pretoria: Department of Health, 2000. 33 p.
South Africa. Department of Health, HIV/AIDS and STD Directorate, Beyond Awareness Campaign
Over the past decade (1990-1999) South Africa's response to HIV/AIDS has intensified and diversified in line with the progression of the epidemic. For the most part, these activities have been located within the governmental health sector, and within a range of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community-based organisations (CBOs). Activities have focused primarily on prevention, and have combined resource and service development, supported by communication activities.At national level there have been a variety of communications campaigns located within the Department of Health, as well as within national nongovernmental agencies. At provincial level activities are considerably more diversified, but are led largely by provincial department of health, AIDS Training, Information and Counselling Centres (ATICCs), NGOs and CBOs. By 1999 it was apparent that there was a complex array of interventions conducted by diverse organisations and agencies. However, there was little information readily available regarding the extent of these activities, and particularly key aspects such as core objectives, strategies, initiatives and budgets.The purpose of this study was to conduct an audit of a range of initiatives related to HIV/AIDS with specific relevance to communication activities, with a view to assisting co-ordination, planning and strategy development for the country as a whole. The primary focus is an audit of HIV/AIDS communications activities located within HIV/AIDS directorates and ATICCs operating at provincial level.
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