Oxford: Elsevier, 1996. pp. 1493-1500
Tatar, Mehtap
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Social science & medicine vol. 42, n°11
World Health Organization's global goal of Health for All by the Year 2000 (HFA) and achievement of this laudable goal through the Primary Health Care (PHC) approach has been accepted unanimously by participant countries of the Alma-Ata Conference in 1978 of which, Turkey is included. However, the approval did not generate as much interest among the policy makers until the 1990s. The year 1990 saw the commencement of attempts to produce a National Health Policy document that centred on the global goal for HFA and PHC in Turkey. This paper aims at discussing the commitment of Turkey to one of the prerequisites of the approach or what some regard as the heart of the PHC i.e. community participation. This is analysed based on a research carried out among Turkish health policy makers. It is concluded that the prospect for community participation in Turkey does not look good mainly because of the medical approach adopted by the policy makers, which has led to the call for a need for more discussion on the topic among academic circles.
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