Knodel, John
Williams, Nathalie
Kim, Sovan Kiry
Puch, Sina
Saengtienchai, Chanpen
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Research on Aging, 32(1), 122-151, January 2010
This article examines community reaction in Cambodia to families from the perspective of parents of adults who died of AIDS or currently receive antiretroviral therapy. Survey evidence and open-ended interviews reveal a mixture of reactions related to social relations, interactions with local officials, gossip, business patronage, funeral participation, and orphaned grandchildren. Positive support is often dominant and reactions typically improve substantially over time. Misplaced fears of contagion through casual contact underlie most negative reactions. Moral condemnation or blame is not evident as a source of negative reactions. Overall a sufficiently supportive atmosphere likely exists in many localities to facilitate community-based efforts to mitigate the epidemic's impact on affected families.
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