1999. 6 p.
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International Family Planning Perspectives, 25, 4, 1999
Namibian adolescents who received an HIV training curriculum experienced significant changes in attitudes, knowledge, intentions and behaviors concerning sexual activity and HIV. Adolescents who received training were more likely than their peers to know how pregnancy occurs and how to use a condom correctly. They also were more likely to believe that they could be intimate with a partner without having sex and that they could have a girlfriend or boyfriend for a long time without having sex. The youths who received the intervention were more likely to report having used a condom at last intercourse. The My Future Is My Choice curriculum was modeled after a program developed for black children aged 9-15 who lived in public housing developments in the United States. The Namibian curriculum, adjusted to fit the region's cultural beliefs and practices, was administered to secondary school students in 14 two-hour sessions over a seven-week period. It provided information about reproductive biology, HIV and AIDS, relationship violence, and alcohol and substance abuse, as well as training in cross-gender communication. The sessions were conducted after school by a volunteer teacher or an out-of-school youth to groups of 15-20 male and female students.
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