Gaborone: 2005. 258 p.
Molatlhegi and Associates
As part of its strategy to effectively tackle the HIV/AIDS pandemic and in particular to give effect to the Government declared objective of mainstreaming human rights into Botswana's approach to HIV/AIDS, the National AIDS Council, through its Ethics, Law and Human Rights Sector, commissioned a study to review all existing policies, laws, practices and directives with a bearing on HIV/AIDS to assess the compatibility of the current approach with the Constitution of Botswana, the extent to which Botswana approach to HIV/AIDS meets Botswana international human rights obligations as spelt out in treaties to which Botswana is a party and to advise on appropriate ways of effecting a rights based approach to HIV/AIDS in Botswana and the institutional framework for delivery of a rights based approach.This Report contains an extensive review of laws, policies, circulars and practices with a bearing on HIV/AIDS in Botswana. It covers a review of national, regional and international legal and policy documents. It also contains recommendations on the extent to which Botswana's approach to HIV/AIDS is in compliance with human rights provision of the constitution and the country's obligations under international human rights instruments.
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