Washington DC: World Bank, 2003. p. 32., tabs., graphs.
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Projet d’éducation à la santé Copperbelt (CHEP) : le programme en milieu scolaire
Projecto de Saúde e Educação Copperbelt (CHEP): O Programa da Escola
Copperbelt Health Education Project (Zambia)
Zambia. Copperbelt Health Education Project (CHEP)
This programme is included in the Source Book of HIV/AIDS Prevention Program that presents 13 cases studies of good and promising practices of HIV/AIDS prevention programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Copperbelt Health Education Project (CHEP) focuses on health education and HIV/AIDS prevention in the Copperbelt province of Zambia. The project collaborates with all sectors of the community to help develop knowledge, values, and life skills that enable creativity, responsibility and healthy lifestyles. CHEP has concentrated its efforts in working with three specific target program units: child and youth, community and occupation-focused units. Their main goal is to ensure that children and youth form and maintain behaviours that will not put them at risk of contracting STDs and HIV.
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