Paris: UNESCO, 2001. 54 p.
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L'Approche culturelle de la prévention et du traitement du VIH/SIDA: manuel pour une information, éducation, communication culturellement appropriée, élaboration et diffusion
Enfoque cultural de la prevención y la atención del VIH/SIDA: Información, educación y comunicación culturalmente adecuadas, elaboración y suministro
(Methodological Handbooks, Special Series, Issue N° 1)
This handbook is one of a series of four methodological documents: 1 - Appropriate communication for behavioural change; 2 - Strategy and policy building; 3 - Field work: building local response; 4 - Project design and implementation. Each specific handbook deals with two major topics: i) A general explanation of the cultural approach to HIV/AIDS; ii) Specific sections focus on the levels of action to be considered: strategy/policy, project design and field work. The present handbook comprises two major divisions: situation analysis and information, education and communication strategies and includes cross-references to the other three handbooks.
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