2010. 10 p.
Ofotokun, Ighovwerha
Binongo, Jose Nilo G.
Rosenberg, Eli S.
Kane, Michael
Ifland, Rick
Lennox, Jeffrey L.
Easley, Kirk A.
Periodical title: 
BMC International Health and Human Rights
This prospective, 14-week cohort study sought to identify changes in HIV knowledge using a culturally-adapted, technology assisted educational approach in three rural Nigerian villages. One group of people were given seminar-based education, while another were given a portable, digial audio technology-based educational program, which drew on the rural culture of oral learning. The majority of the participants were Muslim (99%), male (53.3%) and lacked formal education (55%). HIV knowledge was improved by a larger degree in the technology facilitated group than the seminar-based group. This approach is cost-effective and helps increase HIV awareness among rural communities with low literacy.
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