2002. 63 p.
Barreto, Avertino
Noya Chaveco, António
Muanamoha, Ramos
Machaúle, Fonseca Mário
Nhatave, Isabel
Tojais, Henriqueta
Fazenda, Glória
Martinho, Araújo
Mac-Arthur Jr., Alfredo
Francisco, António
Mozambique. Instituto Nacional de Estatística (INE)
Mozambique. Ministerio da Saude
Mozambique. Ministerio do Plano e Finanças
Mozambique. Ministry of Education
Conselho Nacional de Combate ao HIV/AIDS, CNCS
Centro de Estudos de Populaçao-UEM
Faculdade de Medicina-UEM
Following the consensus on provincial, regional, and national HIV prevalence rates reached at the meeting of 6 September 2001, the Technical Group proceeded to update projections of the Demographic Impact of HIV/AIDS in Mozambique that were originally based on the 1998 epidemiological surveillance round. The objective of the present document is to disseminate the updated results of the Demographic Impact of HIV/AIDS in Mozambique, based on the HIV rates from the 2000 epidemiological surveillance round. The document is divided in three chapters: Historical background of HIV/AIDS research; Overview of the epidemiological surveillance in 2000; Selected updated projections of demographic and health impacts of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Mozambique based on new epidemiological data.
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