2009. 10 p.
Mukoma, Wanjiru
Flisher, Alan J.
Helleve, Arnfinn
Aaro, Leif Edvard
Mathews, Catherine
Kaaya, Sylvia
Klepp, Knut-Inge
Periodical title: 
Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 37(Suppl 2)
Aims: This article reports on the development and psychometric properties of an instrument to evaluate school-based HIV/ AIDS interventions aimed at adolescents in three African sites. Methods: The instrument was developed in a series of steps that involved a review of existing instruments; use of empirical data and secondary literature supporting an association between the variables of interest and sexual intercourse or condom use; operationalizing the constructs of the theoretical model employed; and using the objectives of the intervention. Test-retest reliability studies were conducted at each site.
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