Jakarta: UNESCO Office Jakarta, 2010. 66 p.
UNESCO Office Jakarta and Regional Bureau for Science in Asia and the Pacific
This assessment has been conducted to provide an overview of the education sector's response to the current HIV epidemic in Indonesia, and to offer a set of recommendations meant to complement and strengthen the response. Since HIV is closely related to sexuality, reproductive health and drug use and abuse, this assessment evaluates these topics in the analysis. The current assessment is aimed to achieve the following objectives: 1. To review existing literature on policy documents and secondary data on HIV, reproductive health, and drug abuse prevention within the education sector. 2. To assess the national mechanism and identify the gaps in policies and programs (responses) from central to local government. 3. To understand the need for scaling-up and improvement of the national response to the HIV epidemic within the education sector. 4. To devise a reasonable and workable agenda to improve sexuality and drug education through the education sector.
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