2008. 8 p.
Strunk, Julie A.
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Journal of School Nursing, 24 (1), pp. 13-20
Teenage pregnancy outcomes have become an increasing concern in the United States. Education and support of pregnant teens are critical factors that may determine good or poor pregnancy outcomes. Poor outcomes may include low birth weight, developmental delays, and poor academic performance. Although the number of teenagers experiencing pregnancy and parenting has declined in the U.S., school-based health clinics can be used to provide support and guidance designed to avoid the negative outcomes associated with teenage pregnancy and parenting. By having school-based health clinics, nurse practitioners and school nurses can provide much needed services to pregnant and parenting teens. These services should include educational support, counseling, and community resources. This inquiry provides a metasynthesis of the literature and will review, examine, and summarize the literature relating to the effect of school-based clinics on teenage pregnancy and parenting outcomes.
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