Barron, Peter
Pillay, Yogan
Doherty, Tanya
Sherman, Gayle
Jackson, Debra
Bhardwaj, Sanjana
Robinson, Precious
Goga, Ameena
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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
This article discusses the effect that the WHO guidelines for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV has had on South Africa. South Africa initiated its PMTCT programme in 2002, however political support for it has increased since 2008. Since then the proportion of HIV-exposed infants who underwent PCR tests to detected early HIV transmission has increased, and the estimated HIV transmission rate has decreased. The article suggest that such success it do to ensuring rapid implementation of changes in PMTCT polcy at the field level through training and guideline dissemination, good coordination between international health organizations and international and lol NGOs, and making use of data and indicators in all aspects of PMTCT.
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