2012. 25 p.
Banu, Oana
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Journal of Community Positive Practices, 2, pp. 278-302
The purpose of this article is to analyse the topic of the young people infected with HIV/AIDS (the social group most affected by this virus both in Romania, and worldwide), stressing on the forms of including these people on the labour market. The first part of the article is a brief introduction into the matter of HIV/AIDS and it provides several statistics and estimates on the infection with HIV/AIDS worldwide and in Romania. The article also shows the important aspects from Law 582/2002 on the measures to prevent the spreading of HIV/AIDS in Romania and to protect the people infected with HIV or having AIDS. We also presented the exclusion of the young people infected with HIV/having AIDS from the labour market and the difficulties they experience in trying to get a job or to preserve a stable job. The second part of the article makes an analysis of 6 projects implemented from 2007 to 2011, projects which aim to integrate the young people infected with HIV/having AIDS on the labour market. The analysis refers to the objectives, activities, results and progress of each project, as well as a comparative analysis of the projects.
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