2008. 17 p.
Craig, Shelley L.
Tucker, Edmon W.
Wagner, Eric F.
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Joumal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services, 20 (3)
The bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth in schools is a significant problem in the United States. This study examined responses of youth participants at a statewide Safe Schools Summit to a survey of their experiences with school-based violence, harassment, and discrimination, and of the effects of their attendance at the Summit. Quantitative analyses found that 92% of respondents felt "more empowered" following participation in the Summit. Qualitative analyses found several emerging themes related to respondents' experiences with victimization (leading to a sense of powerlessness and attempts at self-protection) and to their experiences at the Summit itself (leading to catharsis, strengthened skills, and a commitment to confront bullies and to make schools safer). A conceptual model of the interaction of these factors is presented and implications for further research and practice are discussed.
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