Uganda. Government, 2004. 11 p.
Bakoko Bakoru, Zoë
Uganda. Government
UNESCO Office Bangkok and Regional Bureau for Education in Asia and the Pacific PROAP
University of Chiangmai
This is a paper presented at an international seminar/workshop on: Learning and empowerment: key issues in strategies for HIV/AIDS prevention held in Chiangmai, Thailand, March 1- 5, 2004. This paper discusses the issue of empowerment learning strategies on HIV/AIDS prevention. The author (the minister of gender, labour and social development in Uganda) wish to highlight the AIDS situation in Uganda and the government's policy on AIDS. Therefore, she shows how the country has implemented this policy that now show higher levels of empowering the people infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The main argument presented is that the country's leadership beginning with the President of the Republic of Uganda who took an early lead up today is empowering the people of Uganda with knowledge about HIV/AIDS pandemic.
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