International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Commonwealth HIV and AIDS Action Group, 2010. 64 p.
Godwin, John
International HIV/AIDS Alliance
Commonwealth HIV and AIDS Action Group
The purpose of this report is to define an agenda for action on HIV and the law in Commonwealth states. This agenda is intended to inform the work of legislators, officials and diplomats of Commonwealth states. It is also intended to assist civil society organisations to engage with governments of Commonwealth states on the legal dimensions of HIV responses. The report provides recommendations for governments, civil society organisations and Commonwealth institutions. The focus of this report is the creation of enabling legal environments for HIV responses among the following populations that are heavily affected by the HIV epidemic in the Commonwealth: women and girls; sex workers; MSM; transgender people; people who inject drugs. The report describes developments affecting legal environments related to people living with HIV and most-at-risk populations. It provides examples of human rights based approaches, and sets out an agenda for action relating to advocacy, community mobilisation, law reform and law enforcement.
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