National AIDS Programme Secretariat, 2012. 101 p.
Guyana. Ministry of Health, National AIDS Programme Secretariat
The End of Term Review of the 2007-2011, National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan confirms the significant progress made in achieving universal access to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support programmes in Guyana. The End of Term review process was commissioned by the Ministry of Health, National AIDS Programme Secretariat with the main objective of reviewing programme progress according to the agreed priority areas and activities, and indicators and targets. It builds on the Mid Term Review recommendations to successfully reach agreed targets and serves part of an important monitoring and evaluation framework to keep the HIV/AIDS response on track. This End of Term Review document is therefore an indicative landmark to how far Guyana has come in terms of the HIV response, where we are now and where we need to be going as it will serve to inform the New National HIV/AIDS Strategy 2011-2020. The Guyana programme includes all components in the fight against HIV/AIDS and is coordinated by the National AIDS Programme Secretariat which is also responsible for rolling-out the various programmes. The NHIVS review process was led by the NAPS and focused on the strategic activities for each indicator under each of the broad strategic priority area as outlined in the NHIVS. The achievement for each of the strategic activities was rated as one of the following: overachieved, fully achieved, partially achieved, achieved or not achieved. There are forty four (44) National M&E Indicators as per the National Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for the Multi-Sectoral Response to HIV and AIDS in Guyana 2007-2011. These indicators were developed to monitor and evaluate the HIV response in Guyana accordingly with each of the four (4) priority areas in the Guyana National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan 2007-2011.
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