2005. 51 p.
Estonia. Government
For the past several years Estonia has ranked number one in Europe in the amount of new HIV infections. The seriousness of the situation is reflected in the fact that the number of new HIV infections per 1,000,000 people in Estonia exceeds that of the majority of EU member states by dozens of times. The general objective of the national HIV and AIDS prevention strategy for 2006-2015 (hereinafter the strategy) is to achieve a permanent decline in the spread of HIV in Estonia. The strategy document specifies the strategic objectives and sub-objectives in the field of HIV and AIDS, as well as the principles and measures for achieving these objectives. The strategy document also describes the functions of the one national AIDS coordinating authority as well as the one agreed country-level monitoring and evaluation system, and divides the roles and responsibilities between the parties involved. Representatives of all parties (the government, different ministries, local municipalities, non-governmental organizations, private sector, and other interested parties) were included in the process of developing the strategy through open working groups and forums.
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