Addis Ababa: 2004. 65 p.
The ongoing multi-sectoral response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic is framed around the National policy and the Five-year Strategic Framework that were issued out in 1998 and 1999 respectively. This Strategic Plan and Management (SPM) has been prepared mainly through desktop review. Critical analysis and synthesis of the relevant documents was carried out with the involvement of relevant individuals and institutions during regular consultation and brainstorming sessions. Among other documents, the Critical Review of the Original National Strategic Framework and the revised National Strategic Framework (NSF) have formed the basis for this exercise and have been meticulously reviewed. Excluding the introduction and executive summary, this SPM has NINE major parts and important annexes. Part one covers a synoptic overview of the situation of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia and the national response to date. Part two consists of the mission, vision, goal and guiding principles of the national response, while part three elaborates on the six strategic issues that the Government of Ethiopia has identified. Part four focuses on the six thematic areas along with their corresponding objectives and strategies (unless prevented by paucity/absence of reliable baseline data, objectives have been presented in measurable terms). The fifth major part of the SPM is the strategic plan matrix, which outlines selected strategy, major activities, indicators, means of verification and responsible body for the activities of the given thematic areas. Part six covers the budgetary requirements and justification. Part seven and eight cover governance and institutional arrangement, and monitoring and evaluation respectively. Part nine elaborates on the major challenges and the ways forward. The SPM is subsequently concluded with the annexes which include the minimum service delivery package by institutional level, role of key implementing agencies, list of policy document and acronyms. This SPM covers four years (2004-2008). Its implementation process and performance will be closely monitored and evaluated. Based on their comparative advantage, multi-sectoral actors at all levels working on HIV/AIDS issues are expected to develop and implement their respective plans based on this SPM.
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