UNICEF, 2005. 156 p.
This year, The State of theWorld's Children will focus on the millions of children for whom these pledges of a better world remain unfulfilled. The report assesses global efforts to realize the MDGs, the central development targets of the agenda, and demonstrates the marked impact that their achievement would have on children's lives and future generations. It also explains how, with the MDGs focused on national averages, children in marginalized communities risk missing out on essential services such as health care, education and protection. It argues that children denied their right to a formal identity, suffering child protection abuses or facing early marriage, armed combat and hazardous labour are among those most at risk of exclusion from the Millennium agenda. Reaching the MDGs should benefit not only the better off, but also those children who are most in need, whose rights are most abused and undervalued and who are currently excluded from services, marginalized and unprotected by society and the state. This is a report about those children and ways to include them in the Millennium agenda.
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