New York: Population Council, 2012. 24 p.
Undie, Chi-Chi
Birungi, Harriet
Obare, Francis
Ochieng, Ben
Liambila, Wilson
Oweya, Erick
Askew, Ian
Burnet, Rob
Deacon, Bridget
Mohamed, Aisha
Population Council
Well Told Story
Kenya. Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, Division of Reproductive Health
Nyanza Province has been a focus of heightened attention in Kenya since the advent of the country’s HIV epidemic. A 2001 study highlighted married adolescent girls (MAG) as a particularly vulnerable population in Nyanza due to their elevated risk for HIV infection compared to other sexually active girls elsewhere in the country.Given these realities, through the USAID-funded FRONTIERS program from 2006-2008, the Population Council designed and implemented an operations research project to expand access to HIV-prevention information and services for MAG and their partners in Nyanza Province.The objectives of this operations research study were to: 1) identify and design a set of interventions that promote the uptake of comprehensive reproductive health (RH)/family planning (FP) and HIV prevention services and information among married adolescent girls; and 2) expand access to comprehensive RH/FP and HIV prevention services and information among this population.The present study aimed to expand married adolescent girls’ access to comprehensive RH/FP and HIV information and services and to test the effects of a set of interventions designed for this purpose.
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