Mbabane: NERCHA, 2014. 74 p.
Swaziland. National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS, NERCHA
The extended National Strategic Framework (eNSF) for HIV and AIDS (2014-2018) is a five-year multisectoral decentralised HIV/AIDS plan for Swaziland. Through implementation of the eNSF, Swaziland aims to achieve the following impact level results: i. 50% and 90% reduction of new HIV infections among adults and paediatrics, respectively, by 2015; ii. Avert 15% deaths amongst PLHIV and in particular those with TB/HIV co-infection; iii. Alleviate socio-economic impacts of HIV and AIDS among vulnerable groups; iv. Improve efficiency and effectiveness ofthe national response. The eNSF core programmes are: i. HIV Testing and Counselling (HTC); ii. Social and Behaviour Change (SBC); iii. Condom Promotion and Distribution; iv. Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT); v. Male Circumcision (MC); vi. Customised interventions for Key Populations; vii. Treatment, Care and Support for People Living with HIV (PLHIV); viii. Care and Support for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC); ix. Addressing Gender Based Violence (GBV).
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