Population Reference Bureau, 2002. 40 p.
Lamptey, Peter
Wigley, Merywen
Carr, Dara
Collymore, Yvette
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Population Bulletin, Vol. 57, No. 3
We are entering the third decade of what may be the most devastating epidemic in human history: HIV/AIDS. The disease continues to ravage families, communities, and countries throughout the world. In addition to the 20 million people who have already died of AIDS, most of the 40 million people now living with HIV are likely to die a decade or more prematurely. Each day, 14,000 people-12,000 adults and 2,000 children-become infected with HIV. At least 95 percent of these new infections occur in less developed countries; more than 50 percent afflict women and young adults. Unless the international community launches a coordinated and massive response to the epidemic, there will be 45 million new HIV infections by 2010.
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