Brighton: International HIV/AIDS Alliance, 2008. 188 p.
International HIV/AIDS Alliance
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This toolkit is the result of teamwork between drama and sexual and reproductive health practitioners from six countries. It contains ideas and drama and discussions activities aimed at helping to learn about sexual and reproductive health issues and to gain skills in facilitating and using interactive drama tools and techniques. This toolkit is aimed at youth groups, community workers, teachers, and anyone who wants to use drama as a process of learning and action on sexual and reproductive health. It is divided into 11 chapters: 1) "Using interactive drama in SRH work", 2) "Working together safely on SRH", 3) "SRH knowledge and attitudes", 4) How to facilitate interactive drama", 5) "Drama skills", 6) "Why do we behave as we do?", 7) "Mobilising the community", 8) "Working with groups", 9) "Making a play for performance", 10) "Monitoring and evaluation" and 11) "SRH information".
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